PC Builds

At some point I became infatuated with the SAMA IM01 Case. At only 22 liters, it can house an ATX power supply and a large cooler. I bought two! Thus began the journey of rebuilding both my PC and my unRaid server into smaller cases.

Server Going into the SAMA

Had to purchase an ATX motherboard for complete this one.
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Server Complete

Cramming three hard drives and an SSD into this case, with an ATX power supply wasn’t easy. I had to get creative with the mounting. Two are semi mounted on the bottom while the third is mounted into screw holes. There is an additional intake fan mounted below the PSU which was removed for this photo.
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PC going into SAMA

My PC was already pretty small, with an ATX board, so it wasn’t much trouble to transplant it. I couldn’t fit my favorite cooler, the NHD15 and had to switch to the Scythe Fuma.
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PC complete

All in all the build came out nice but I ended up being very frustrated with the noise and performance. I switched all the fans to the Noctua Noctua NF-P12 redux which are affordable and perform extremely well.
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Final picture of both of them before cleaning everything up

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All in all I’m extremely satisfied with how these PCs came out. There isn’t much advantage to stuffing everything into a smaller case. Its generally louder and hotter. The only thing you get is satisfaction.