Build a Keyboard Links

Trying to build your own keyboard? Here are some links!

Keyboard builds

List of open source, ergonomic keyboards

Keyboard builders digest - Great site for news and inspiration

Shopping for parts

Little Keyboards - Low Cost boards with kits and low cost cases.

Kriscable - In Europe but also has cool cables

Keebio - A little more expensive but offers pre-soldered boards for easier entry

Insane ergo keyboards

Affordable Switches

High Quality key Caps

Keebmonkey -

Firmware and setup

QMK Configurator - Firmware modification and compilation in your browser

Via - Keyboard Configuration in browser

My Builds

Lily58 Pro
upload successful

Quefrency Rev. 3
upload successful

Spare parts numpad.
upload successful

Quefrency with green LEDs and spare keycaps
upload successful

Another Quefrency! This one is for a friends birthday. Fun cat keycaps. The tape is to explain what the cat keys are before first use.
upload successful

Why am I building keyboards like this? ->