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Projects and programming experiments:

Solid Scribe

Encrypted Note taking app

Solid Scribe

Truth or Dare Jenga

Simple web app that maps dares to numbered jenga blocks. Uses a random seed based on the current hour to generate a pseudorandom list of dares.

Truth or Dare Jenga

Random Polygons

Experiment to randomly generate polygon shapes


Reversable Cellular Automiton

Using small sets of rules applied to an array of squares to determine state.
Each one is a single HTML file with JS applied in various ways to increase efficiency or change behavior.
Reversible cellular automaton wikipedia

Test 1
Using Vue.js to create automata. The overhead of vue reduces the efficiency resulting in less automata and a lower refresh rate

Test 2
Using vanilla Javascript allows for more automata and a greater frame rate.

Test 3
Using only text to represent binary automita. Allows for much greater efficiency but doesn’t render well.

Test 4
Clone of experiment 02 with added colors and automita rules.