crDroid 9.1 OnePlus 7 pro install/update

This will walk you through installing a custom rom on your phone, updating the firmware and installing google apps. Then rooting your phone.

This tutorial is intended for a OnePlus 7 Pro, executed on a Debian based Linux machine but the same steps can be applied to windows. I’m running Linux Mint.

Any custom android rom requires an unlocked bootloader. If your bootloader is not unlocked, find a tutorial on how to do that.
If this is your first time installing the crDroid, you should factory reset your phone.

Install Android platform tools

Here is a good explanation on android debug bridge (ADB) and other tools ->
Here is a link for platform specific setups.

On Linux you can just use a package manager to install the required tools:
sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot

Download all required packages

Navigate to -> and Download:

  • Latest ROM click -> “Download latest version” button
  • Latest Firmware click -> “Firmware” button and download latest version
  • Latest Gapps click -> “Gapps” button -> Latest folder -> Download the Gapps version you need. If you are unsure, just grab “NikGapps-stock-…”
  • Latest Recovery -> Recovery -> Download Latest Version. If your recovery is not the crDroid recovery, download it now.

Testing your tools are set up correctly

Open a terminal window and type in adb --version make sure it prints out the version and the installed path. Do the same again with fastboot --version.

Its essential to have both fastboot and adb accessible and set up correctly or the firmware update script won’t work correctly.

Connect to your phone via USB and enable USB debugging

  • Grab your Phone. Make sure you enable USB Debugging in the developer menu.
  • On your machine run sudo adb devices
  • On your phone you should get a prompt, Allow USB Debugging? YES!
  • Your computer should list the connected devices. Now reboot your phone to the bootloader with the command
  • adb reboot bootloader your phone will restart to the bootloader.

Enter fastboot to install crDroid recovery

  • Plug in your phone and use command adb reboot fastboot to boot into fastboot.
  • Flash the crDroid recovery boot.img with command fastboot flash boot boot.img
  • Now restart to recovery with command fastboot reboot recovery
  • Make sure crDroid recovery installed correctly.

Enter fastboot to apply firmware update

  • Inside the bootloader, use the up/down volume buttons until the top says “Recovery Mode” press the lock button to select. The phone will boot into recovery mode.
  • Select “Advanced” -> “Enter Fastboot”
  • Your phone is now ready for the firmware update. On your computer, extract “OP7Pro firmware flash” and enter the folder. You will see “Update-firmware.bat” and “”
  • On windows you can just double click “update-firmware.bat”
  • On Linux run the command ./ then follow the prompts on screen. (Yes to everything)
  • Once the update is complete, on your phone press “Enter Recovery”

Enter recovery to sideload packages

  • Inside the bootloader, use the up/down volume buttons until the top says “Recovery Mode” press the lock button to select. The phone will boot into recovery mode.
  • Select “Apply Update” -> “Apply from adb”
  • Your phone is now ready for packages from your computer.
    On your computer:
  • Update Rom: run the command adb sideload <crdroid>
  • Reboot to recovery again.
  • Update Gapps: run the command adb sideload <selected>
  • “Reboot system now”

Root your phone

  • Make sure you booted into your phone and unlocked it. Make sure all updates are complete.
  • Browse to -> and download the magisk.apk
  • Install the magisk.apk on your phone.
  • Reboot back into recovery adb reboot recovery and select “Apply Update” -> “Apply from adb”
  • Browse to -> on your computer and download the SAME magisk.apk
  • Rename “Magisk.apk” to “”
  • Now sideload the apk straight into your phone adb sideload
  • “Reboot system now”
  • On your phone, download and install the magisk.apk
  • You can now do rooted things.

Unable to mount error

  • If you see this error its because your data partition is encrypted. Do not worry about it. You can still access your phone with ADB.

Useful ADB Commands

  • Print a list of connected devices: adb devices
  • Kill the ADB server: adb kill-server
  • Install a package: adb install <path to apk or zip file>